How to update or upgrade iBuntu?

If you are used to Ubuntu Systems you know already that you can perform regular software updates with their own update software or via terminal with the common commands

sudo apt update && upgrade

Also you might know that Ubuntu offers you the option to migrate your System to their next Version with their own command “do-release-upgrade”.

Well with iBuntu however, here comes the big BUT: As in Ubuntu, a normal update or upgrade of your already installed packages via the terminal wont bring you to the next Version – neither in Ubuntu or in iBuntu. And since we are using the normal Ubuntu Package-Sources, a “do-release-upgrade” won’t bring you from let’s say iBuntu 1.2 to iBuntu 1.3. No – it more likely will bring you from iBuntu 1.2 to Ubuntu 20.04 and destroy almost everything on it’s way.

So please, please with sugar on top:

Never ever perform the command “do-release-upgrade” on iBuntu, unless you want to destroy your system intentionally!

Ok, that being said: What is the right way to bring iBuntu from one Version to another, getting all the cool new features each release comes with and keeping all your programs with all it’s settings at the same time?

Well, we thought long about it and we delivered: The iBuntu Update Tool:

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