iBuntu Changelog

Release 2.1 “Lix Sur”:  02/09/2022 by B0fH

(Build 2.1rc1a2b13_202208311057)

  • All Updates included for Ubuntu 20.04.5
  • Fixed SDDM-Bug from Version 2.0
  • Fixed “locales” Bug
  • Fixed Touch-Gestures
  • Fixed User-Creation-Issues
  • Optimized Top-Panel
  • Cleaned-Up Launchpad
  • Removed Balena Etcher since it’s part of the Update Tool already
  • Removed Mailspring- chose and install your own favorit Mailprogram
  • Removed VLC and replaced with SMPlayer due to compatibility
  • Screensaver now deactivated by default

Release 1.4 “Catalinux”:  18/07/2022 by B0fH

(Build 1.4rc2a2b37_202207182249)

  • All Updates included for Ubuntu 18.04.6
  • The iBuntu Update Tool is now the latest Version
  • Removed Stacer because not necessarry anymore
  • Removed Balena Etcher since it’s part of the Update Tool already
  • Removed LibreOffice – if you need it just install it
  • Removed Evolution – chose and install your own favorit Mailprogram
  • Removed VLC and replaced with SMPlayer due to compatibility
  • Screensaver now deactivated by default
  • Installer changed to Calamares for compatiblity reasons
  • Standard Theme for Catalinux now is from MacOS: Big Sur
  • For Touch-Gestures the tool “Gestures” was replaced with Fusuma

Release 2.0 “Lix Sur”:  10/15/2020 by B0fH

(Build 2.0rc2a5b10_202010232035)

  • Completely rebased on Kubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Include all Kernel and Software Updates from Kubuntu 20.04 with Kernel 5.4.0-52
  • Switch from Gnome to KDE as Desktop Environment
  • Wallpapers of Big Sur as well as of all previous macOS and MacOS X Versions preinstalled
  • Installed KDE-Widgets:
    • Parachute
    • Application title
    • device
    • Latte Spacer
    • Global Menu
    • Kpple Menu
    • Big Sur – Inline Battery
    • Latte Separator
    • Better inline clock
    • mediacontroller_plus
    • Ditto Menu
    • Launchpad Plasma
  • Plank dock will be replaced by Latte-Dock in Version 2
  • Preinstalled Software Package:
    • Apple Music
    • Balena Etcher
    • Boot Repair
    • calibre
    • Elisa Media Player
    • iCloud Connection (Calendar, Contacts, iCloud Drive, Find my Friend, Find my iPhone, Keynote, Mail, Notes, Numbers, Pages. Photos, Reminders)
    • iBuntu Update Tool
    • Kamoso Photo App
    • Kolour Paint
    • Krita
    • KDE Connect
    • KDE Partition Manager
    • KWallet Manager
    • Gnome-Maps
    • Gnome-Software
    • Libre Office Suite
    • Mailspring
    • Timeshift
    • VLC Media Player
    • Screensaver (macOS Flurry)
  • Used Themes:
    • PlasmaSur(Plasma Theme)
    • Mkos-BigSur (Window Decoration, Colour, Icons)
    • McMojave Cursors
  • KDE-Settings are highly customized
  • Stacer will not be part of Version 2 (Replaced with KSysGuard)
  • Thunderbird will not be part of Version 2 (Replaced with Mailspring and iCloud Mail)

Release 1.3 “Catalinux”:  08/17/2020 by B0fH

(Build 1.3rc2a5b9_202008170958)

  • Include all Kernel and Software Updates from Ubuntu 18.04.5 with Kernel 5.4.0-42
  • Including common Drivers for WLan-Sticks RTL8812BU and RTL8812AU for out-of-the-box WiFi-Support of most WLan-Sticks
  • iBuntu Update Tool completely integrated in Catalinux
  • Balena Etcher integrated and preinstalled
  • Stacer will be loaded as System Monitor at Startup
  • Removed unnecessary Extensions “Show Desktop” and “Trash in Panel”
  • Integrate Unite-Extension to give the panel a bit more mac-look
  • Integrate “Show Applications” Extension as fallback if plank would crash
  • Make Password entry of sudo-password show Asterisks
  • BigSur Design available through Deskmode Switcher

Release 1.2 “Catalinux”:  07/05/2020 by B0fH

(Build 1.2rc1a2b4_202007051824)

  • Include all Kernel and Software Updates from Ubuntu 18.04.4 Timestamp 07/04/2020
  • Bugfix and Reintegration of Flurry Screensaver
  • We removed Firefox since most users seem to be fine with Chrome as the main Browser
  • We integrated the System-Analyzing-Tool “Stacer” in the standard Software of iBuntu. It will replace the standard System Monitor within the next Releases completely
  • New Shortcut from the macOS-World: the Key F11 now brings all open Windows in the background and puts the desktop at front
  • A Versioning-File was integrated which will update the iBuntu-Version even if Ubuntu will overwrite it temporary if someone uses the Ubuntu-Update-Functionality
  • The Deskmode-Switch Modi were renamed to “Bright Mode” and “Dark Mode” due to user suggestions
  • Again full Legacy-Compatibility to make Installation of iBuntu within a VM possible out of the box again

Release 1.1 "Catalinux":  18.06.2020 by B0fH


  • All System-Updates and Kernel-Updates up to date as of Ubuntu 18.04.4 timestamp 18th June 2020
  • Removed macOS Flurry Screensaver app temporarly due to a bug - will be included again with Version 1.2

Release 1.0 "Catalinux":  12.01.2020 by B0fH

(Build 0.4a2b6_rc6_202001111510)

  • The default Ubuntu Greeter was replaced with the nicer-looking lightdm Greeter based on Slick-Greeter (Link)
  • Wallpapers  and macOS Catalina Themes (2), Shell-Themes and Icons
  • Selfmade Deskmode-Switchter between Lightmode and Darkmode - fully integrated within the Launchpad (Link)
  • Plank comes as new default Dock-Solution
  • Plank Themes for macOS Design integrated (Link)
  • Little Tool integrated for Showing the Launchpad-Icon directly in the Plank Dock (Link)
  • The "Suspend" Button, which Ubuntu removed from the drop-down-menu is back in iBuntu Catalinux (Link)
  • xdotool and easystroke installed for Mouswheel-Push acts like Exposé in macOS
  • Libinput-Gestures and Gestures installed and configured for almost-mac-like Gestures with touchpad
  • Click the Mousewheel-Button or Swipe with 4 Fingers up and down to show Exposé-Like all open windows.
  • Swipe with 4 Fingers to the left or the right to switch between workspaces
  • With Alt+Shift+3 and Alt+Shift+4  you can take a Screenshot of the whole Screen or a selected area
  • Gdebi will again be part of the System as  Fallback since the default Software-Manager of Ubuntu can be buggy sometimes
  • macOS Flurry Screensaver pre-installed and configured (Link)
  • Bugfix of non-working Chrome-Browser from last release (Chrome is now fully working)
  • Bugfix of VirtualBox-Error-Message on Startup
  • Removed Cronopete Backup - Timeshift will become the main Backup-Solution for iBuntu
  • Removed Kdenlive the video-editing software. You can always download it directly from the Appstore. We recommend you install "Openshot" first if you are new to video editing. This is why we don't pre-install video-editing-software anymore, leave you free choice.

Release 0.3:  11.03.2019 by B0fH

  •  Completely rebased with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS instead of elementaryOS
  •  Gnome-Tweaks preinstalled
  •  Dash to Dock extension pre-configured: Link
  •  Transparancy (Link), User Themes (Link), Show Desktop (Link) and Trash in Panel (Link) pre-configured
  •  Customized Plymouth Theme (Link), Systemfonts (Link), Wallpapers (Link) and macOS Mojave Themes (Link) and Icons (Link)
  •  Cursors (Link) and Shell-Theme (Link
  •  tlp and tlp-rdw pre-installed
  •  Chrome-Browser - not working in Version 0.3 after install, you must reinstall the app manually
  •  VLC Player pre-installed
  •  Pinta Picture Editor pre-installed
  •  Kdenlive Video Editor pre-installed
  •  Evolution E-Mail pre-installed
  • TimeShift and Cronopete Backup on Board
  • LibreOffice pre-installed
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  • #1

    Cody (Tuesday, 12 March 2019 15:56)

    Known Bugs so far:

    * The Chrome Web Browser isn't working out of the box, it's locked. YOu will have to replace it with Chromium or reinstall it to get it working We suggest to use Firefox instead

    * If installed in a non VirtualBox Environment it will show Error Messages after Install because of broken Guest Addition Installation - can be ignored, will be fixed with Version 0.4

Release 0.2:  17.04.2017 by B0fH


  • Auto-set macOS sierra-master as default GTK+ theme and OS X as default window behaviour
  • Auto-set the macSierra wallpaper as default
  • Auto-activate the desktop-symbols right from the start
  • Own grub logo for elementaryOS ibuntu Edition
  • Fixed install issue with hanging installer
  • Pinta Picture Editor is preinstalled
  • Chrome Browser was replaced by Chromium
  • Gdebi was removed since software manager does the same job
  • ElementaryOS Music-Player removed and replaced by Rhytmbox

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  • #1

    Cyaniden (Sunday, 08 October 2017 21:10)

    Looks good. I will definitely try this out.

Release 0.1:  10.04.2017 by B0fH


  • The Desktop was reactivated by using Nautilus - including the ability of putting icons on it like in any other operating system
  • The elementaryOS Appcenter was removed and replaced by the standard ubuntu software manager
  • The update-manager of ubuntu was brought back in iBuntu
  • The macOS Sierra theme from the B00merang-Project was preinstalled and made as the default theme. This brings the ultimative Mac-Feeling to iBuntu. 
  • software-properties-common installed to bring back the ability of adding third-party package sources to the system
  • Gdebi installed to give iBuntu the ability of installing programs from .deb packages
  • Elementary-Tweaks installed to give easily access to theme-control and other settings of elementaryOS
  • tlp and tlp-rdw installed to control keep fan speed of laptops under control 
  • LibreOffice is preinstalled in iBuntu
  • Chrome is preinstalled and act as the default browser of iBuntu
  • The default video-player of elementaryOS was removed and replaced with VLC Player
  • FoxitReader is preinstalled
  • The standard Mail program pantheon-mail of elementaryOS was replaced by Thunderbird
  • gnome-system monitor was brought back to iBuntu to control processes and tasks
  • gparted is preinstalled to give access to the partions of the available storage drives
  • lvm is preinstalled - Partition manager if the user decided to use lvm instead of the standard partition option
  • TimeShift as system restore program is on board
  • Back in Time as backup tool for private home folder is on board (we chose to use Back in Time instead ubuntu standard Déjà Dup because it's as well easy to use but highly customizable if you want to at the same time)
  • Special settings was made to make the size of the dock same as in macOS and don't let it disappear when windows are maximized


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  • #1

    Cody (Monday, 10 April 2017 10:56)

    Planned changes and fixes for 0.2:

    * Auto-set macOS sierra-master as default GTK+ theme and OS X as default window behaviour
    * Auto-set the macSierra wallpaper as default
    * Auto-activate the desktop right from the start via override dconf-file

    Nice to have:
    * Own boot logo
    * fixing the install issue with hanging installer which you have to skip through right now

  • #2

    jm03 (Sunday, 21 May 2017 17:32)

    Okay how the hell did i find this? I might give it try a try lol
    on the same laptop you put in the picture on the homepage xD

  • #3

    jm03 (Sunday, 21 May 2017 17:32)

    also fix yo damn site man, whys this part of it in german lol

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