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    Shreyash (Friday, 26 May 2023 12:18)

    Hello ibuntu team, I wanted to support you but since I don't have any money, Can I make a website for you ?
    Like, I will give you the html css js or whatever it requires and then you can use it on your website hosting.
    It will also help me in increasing my skills. Thank you

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    BOfH (Wednesday, 10 May 2023 11:12)

    @Jesse. Yes there will be. First we still work on Version 3, which will be the successor to iBuntu Catalinux which reached EOL in April 2023. Version 3 is Gnome based again. But after this is done, the next project beside the Homepage itself will definitely be the successor for Lix Sur. But we won't get this out at the market this year I think since the development and testing takes always a long time and we are only a very small team. But at least in 2024 there will be a Version 4 which will be the next KDE-based iBuntu Version.

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    BOfH (Wednesday, 10 May 2023 11:09)

    Hi @javiezcobar. That really looks amazing, if it's just HTML and CSS maybe we could implement a design like this on this website too, I don't know how compatible this is with jimdo (which just have some nice features like easy editing possibilities) - i know you can implement custom CSS in jimdo websites too to get your own design pattern. Since we are in the last phase of alpha-testing for Version 3 the next thing would be to update the website indeed maybe we could work together if you like, just reach out to me via mail :-)

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    Jesse (Wednesday, 10 May 2023 08:17)

    Is there a new release of Lix Sur coming out after 2.1?
    I'm very keen and happy to donate if there is.

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    Yash (Monday, 01 May 2023 12:54)

    does ibuntu 2.1 lix sur have a icon zoom in dock when i hover on it

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    javiezcobar (Tuesday, 25 April 2023 03:12)

    Hi BOfh
    Hello! It's a shame what happened with the website, but I would still like to contribute my knowledge. I made a webpage, a prototype, in fact, using HTML+CSS and my vision of what the iBuntu website could be. I would like to get in touch with you and find a way to collaborate!
    Here's the link to the project: https://javiezcobar.github.io/ibuntu-webpage/

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    BOfH (Wednesday, 05 April 2023 09:15)

    Sorry that the website looks a bit rough still, it was in sleep mode for the last years and now serves as our emergency fallback.
    The old webpage is lost but I try to recover at least something from archive.org

    At least you still can download the current ISOs.
    When Version 3 will be released I will change the website anyway so until then this will have to do it.

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    willaim (Tuesday, 22 December 2020 12:20)

    Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in getting external help with graphic design? We do all design work like banners, advertisements, photo edits, logos, flyers, etc. for a fixed monthly fee.

    We don't charge for each task. What kind of work do you need on a regular basis? Let me know and I'll share my portfolio with you.

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    willaim (Tuesday, 22 December 2020 12:19)

    Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in getting external help with graphic design? We do all design work like banners, advertisements, photo edits, logos, flyers, etc. for a fixed monthly fee.

    We don't charge for each task. What kind of work do you need on a regular basis? Let me know and I'll share my portfolio with you.

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    Rick (Thursday, 25 June 2020 09:37)

    Hi there, just had a conversation on YouTube where a dude said he wouldn't recommend your Distro since you only have a free Ubuntu homepage. I found this quit ridiculous but anyway I just wanted to suggest this to you. Btw my wife and I are big fans of your Distro - no matter where you Upload it and host it ;-)

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    BofH (Thursday, 28 May 2020 14:55)

    Hello Igor,

    Sorry for the delay in Answering but I have a lot of things going on and iBuntu is only a side project of mine but I try to answer your new questions as good as I can:
    Since 1, and 2. are already solved I go directly to
    3. Sadly I really can't get you more info about this, if you find too less software within the software center this is ubuntu related than I guess the ubuntu developers just have this limited amount of apps available. But as I mentioned, you always can get more software for ubuntu by do a bit google searching. If you find an app which comes within a ".deb" Package you are always on the safe side since this packages you can easily install like in windows or mac by just double-click them and than the software center should open and you can click "install". Whcih software exactly you want and if this software is available for linux/ubuntu, I can't tell this you will have to look up yourself.
    4.: A quick google search took me here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/514284/how-can-i-change-the-keyboard-layout-on-login-screen in general, askubuntu.com is always a good first place to look for ubuntu-related questions and answers. Maybe this will help.
    5. No more ideas on that from my side, sorry :(
    7. Is related to 4 - for Amarok specially you can install it by simply using the terminal and enter the command sudo apt install amarok - this should do the trick
    8. Sounds weird I never expected this on the machines iBuntu is installed at my home and the computers of friends and other users so far. Some say it hang up sometimes using Skype (which I also didn't notice so far) but no problems with hibernation. Maybe you can try to turn off the screensaver. Adding the standard MacOS Screensaver "Flurry" was i nice Gimmick but I heard from many people they are annoid by it so in the next update i will remove it again maybe this will already solve your problem

    Your additional Question regarding screens: Hold down Ctrl + Alt and tap an arrow key to quickly move up, down, left, or right between workspaces, depending on how they're laid out. Add the Shift key—so, press Shift + Ctrl + Alt and tap an arrow key—and you'll switch between workspaces, taking the currently active window with you to the new workspace

    Right now I am in the process of building Catalina 1.1 which will depending on Ubunu 20.4 and so will include new linux kernel and with that a lot of new drivers for actual graphic cards, wifi-chipsets and much more. I will announce when the new version will be released and will give instructions on how to do the upgrade



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    Igor (Sunday, 10 May 2020 15:05)

    Please, Bofh, instruct me on how to use multiple screens, as they could come handy for my use.
    Thank you!

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    Igor (Sunday, 10 May 2020 14:55)

    Hello, again, Bofh!
    Thank you for tour kind response and I would like to tell you how much your work is appreciated, at least from me, and I would surely advertise your distro to my friends but many of them are mostly on other OSes and few of them will surely try ibuntu and hopefully, they will like it as much as I did, so maybe they will try to use it as a daily runner.
    Now, I would like to address to my previous questions in order we used in our comments:
    1. and 2. are SOLVED since I entered from Dashboard and now both the icons and autohiding dock are working... And of course I went it through Settings in Ubuntu, and Dock submenu, thinking that would do the trick :) but it didn't and thank you for helping me and clarifying it for me.
    3. I really don't know how to check if I could get to some more software to show up in Ubuntu Software app (center or how do you call it?) so that I could try to see if there are some that I might use. Any help on how to do that would be highly appreciated!
    4. Honestly, I don't know where to look for solving this kind of problems, and even more-where to report it... To be more precise, on what Ubuntu forum would I get this kind of info, so if you could throw me some usefull link I would look up if this problem is reported and/or solved so I can try some suggestions.
    My other thoughts on this are that these things used to work in some earlier Ubuntu editions, and I had not have such problems at that time and everything was really working out of the box, and now I see there is some kind of problem with it, maybe the keyboard layout I selected during install is not the proper one so it creates this kind of trouble. I will look futher into it.
    5. I assume these had to do with my previous thought-keyboard layout maybe the bottom of the issue here and hopefully I will get at sign (monkey sign) somewhere on my keyboard. Any more ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    6. Thank you for the link, I will try it!
    7. Yes, for instance I tried to download Amarok, and searched it through Ubuntu Software center without luck. I will use suggested google method from now on, thank you.

    Now I am adding some more things I noticed, and I hope it would be of any help to you in futher work:
    8. From time to time, after a break of severeal minutes, my laptop stays on, and screen stays on but somehow the OS is in some sort of hibernation and it needs a couple of minutes to start working normally almost as before. Usually, it gets unresponsive and I restart it. What could be the reason for this, and I noticed that some of the programs get unresponsive, too, although they are either from Ubuntu repositories or made for Ubuntu.

    For now, these are the main glitches I have encountered and I am looking forward with joy to a new upgrade to 20.04. version. Stay safe, kind regards, Igor.

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    bofh (Wednesday, 06 May 2020 11:30)

    Hello Igor,
    First of all many thanks that you are using our little Ubuntu-Flavor and obviously enjoy it as much as we do. From many other sides we only get a lot of hate which is also the reason why we didn't published it on Distrowatch so far. So it's great to hear that we are not the only ones who like the work we put into it :-)
    Now to your points you mentioned - I will try to answer as many of them as I can.
    1. We tested the Dock size-adjustion but we were able to increase or decrease the dock size as well as the icon size when we changed the scale within the plank settings. Did you open the plank settings or did you try to change the size within the ubuntu Settings itself? Since or dock is based on plank and not the Ubuntu-integrated dock.
    2. Maybe the same error-reason: If you select atuo-hide within plank (accessable over the Dashboard) the plank-dock will go to autohide
    3. The Software Recommandmants are based on Ubuntu itself as far as I know so if Ubuntu itself doesn't recommend more here, it won't show up in our Ubuntu-based either. It only would be concern me if a "fresh" installed Ubuntu would have way more software suggestions than our distro, did you check this? Since so far we don't have a own Software-Center like elementaryOS has so we can't do our own software suggestions.
    4. You mentioned your problem with the keyboard-layout could be solved with a workaround and is also the same within ubuntu. Since our little Flavour is basically "Ubuntu with bennefits" if you would like to call it like this, I see why this will happen with our distro as well. Did you already check, if this bug is also reported to Ubuntu Development yet? Since as soon as The Dev-Team of Ubuntu will provide a fix for this you could inform us and than we would build a new Version of our Distro with this Fix already included. We plan to migrate the base of our distro from Ubuntu 18.04. to Ubuntu 20.04. anyway within this year - so if Ubuntu will solve this issue in Ubuntu 20.04. the fix also will be included in our new release.
    5. I think this isn't an issue related to our distro but to general all distros since as far as my quick research went, the serbian cyrillic layout doesn't have an "@" in it by default: https://enacademic.com/dic.nsf/enwiki/827604#Bosnian.2C_Croatian.2C_Serbian_Latin_and_Slovene If it shares it's layout with the Bosnian Croatian layout it would be able to do an @ sign with ALT+V - some other layouts we know have the @ sign on Alt+2 - if this won't work than it's because I guess the serbian cyrilliy keyboard layout simply don't support this special caracters unfortunately.
    6. You can change the default installed languages by adding additional ones described here: https://websiteforstudents.com/changing-ubuntu-18-04-lts-beta-native-language/
    7. Did you search for music players in the ubuntu software center? For general it's always the easiest way to search for you favorite player in google like this "[Player XY] install ubuntu" - this mostly gives you directly information if your player is available for ubuntu (and therefore also iBuntu ;) ) or not. All you have to do than is just open a terminal and type "sudo apt update && upgrade" and after that "sudo apt install [Player XY]"

    I hope I could help you further a bit feel free to ask again if you have more questions to be answered and we would be grateful if you share your experiances with our little distro and spread it wider so that it can gain popularity :-)

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    Igor (Sunday, 03 May 2020 15:11)

    I am very surprised with this Ubuntu flavor and very happy that I can use it and wish to thank you for make this happen`, so-thank you!
    I have some thoughts on your OS, that I find a little problematic so here is the list of them (bare in mind that I am novice Linux user and that I am not describing these stuff very scientific):
    1. Dock size stays the same although icons are set to smaller size in Dock settings;
    2. Dock doesn't go auto-hide although is set to auto-hide in Dock settings so some windows, browsers` ie, cannot be maximized to whole screen;
    3. When entered in Ubuntu software there is no much choice when you click on button More... in sections like Editor's Picks or Recommended Audio and Video Applications etc.;
    4. On login screen the keyboard layout is set only to one keyboard layout (in my case Serbian cyrillic with guillemets) and cannot be switched to latin layout so that a password, which is in latin, could be entered.
    I entered through workaround: entered Terminal, then reconfigured keyboard layout, added English (US) and restarted and now I am writing this. Will see how does acts upon restart. I've experienced this also on UbuntuDDE flavor, and suppose it has something to do with Ubuntu bug...
    Upon restart gives me English (US) keyboard and I can access the OS, so that is kind of sorted out, but it would be nice to have keyboard drop down menu to select a proper layout and enter in OS;
    5. Although keyboard layout is set I don`t have monkey sign (@) for mail addresses (I am copying it from internet), I don`t know how to sort that out, any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance;
    6. Is it possible to have all UI in Serbian language? Now it is on English and all I see as choice is German in Settings. If it is possible, please provide me with some links on how to do it since I am a novice user, thank you!;
    7. How to get a wider selection of software since I want to use some other music players than VLC?;
    8. Otherwise it is a keeper and I want to use it as a daily runner! Congratulations on this great distro, beautiful, working without hickups, fast, and I am enjoying to use it!
    9. Have you admissioned iUbuntu to Distrowatch? If not, you should, I am certain that it will be a hit!

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    Ethan (Monday, 11 December 2017 01:32)

    Hey Bofh,
    Sounds cool, i will try using that version later :)

    I recently started the project again, and instead of using elementary, I use Deepin on top of Ubuntu 17.04, which is the best I have seen so far.

    If you want to get in contact about future development together on something, my email is ethan_friedman@rocketmail.com

    I look forward to hearing from you :)


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    Bofh (Sunday, 10 December 2017 20:40)

    Hello Ethan,

    Well i used the PinguyBuilder as well - but i configured the OS within a VirtualBox environment. Use this version:


    It has still the option for making full Distros, my version is 4.3.8

    Since I used the latest ElementaryOS as base for creating iBuntu, i didn't came up with driver issues so far.

    Sadly the development of my little distro has fallen asleep, since i didn't got too much response on how to improve it. Maybe you have some cool ideas than I would enjoy to hear it - I am more the technical guy, not so much the design guy but my goal is a "real" macOS like Linux-Distribution in look, feel and behavior.


    Developer of iBuntu eOS

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    Ethan (Thursday, 07 December 2017 09:42)

    Heya dude,

    I have been trying to get my own version of Ubuntu and ElementaryOS working, and so far it looks good. I have been trying to get PinguyBuilder to work with it properly but it appears to not compile it right. I need a version that allows for a fresh install rather than just using it in "live" mode. Also, I have found that on different systems that PinguyBuilder and ElementaryOS cause driver issues, especially when used over the top of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

    If you could get back to me and tell me how you managed to get it compiled properly, as well as maybe starting a new project together? We can create a pretty cool distro :)

    ~ Ethan

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    Cody (Tuesday, 05 September 2017 07:32)

    Hello Alex an all the others. Indeed you are right, this Beta-Version is buggy with graphic drivers - we think this is because of the method we created it with pinguy builder. Unfortunately elementaryOS as the core of our distro doesn't seem to be continued soon so we started to think that if we continue our iBuntu project, we will make it up to a different core and not elementaryOS any longer. Like this we could guarantee that it will work without strange side effects. Since we are not many people here in this project we just can please our supporters to be patient. Until we can release a new version we recommend all people to first test the system - not in live CD mode since this definitely causes the most bugs - but within a virtual machine like VirtualBox where you can simulate your system without breaking it.

    We keep you updated as soon as we release a new version of iBuntu.

    Many regards

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    ALex Kalm (Tuesday, 05 September 2017 05:49)

    Hi ,
    Sorry I do not speak your language..
    I have a problem Your iso introduction it strikes to the heart of ElementaryosLoki installation,I amd not a programmer just a person who has got fedup with windos 10 and the continuos 2 to4 gig updates that don fix a very simple issue for me I have to have correct time on boot ups not havint to reset it fvery time..AND yes all instuction etc from MSoft co fuuny thing dual booted elementary loki 4.1 has no time issues
    Well I read your formum intro and i imediatly downloaded you iBuntu.-eOS-0.2.iso and installe to zip drive with Etcher_1 after that I imeasdiatly reboot to zip drive and selleceted live boot well it started to load the elementryod logo come up then svreen goes blank as per usual install and then my screen starys to flikker and i see glimps of mouse pointer then nothing so Afyter 8 minute i ctrl alt del and the usual writing come up to tade media out and switch off..
    do you have a fix so I can chexk out your iso cause i have same feeling as you on you ditro mod
    regards Alex


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    Shrirang (Wednesday, 02 August 2017 13:23)

    Hi, Extremely inspired with your work and Big Thank You. I am about to install iBuntu in my desktop. But again as you described in your About section none of the videos play flawlessly due to lack of proper drivers. I have AMD processor with Raedon 4250 HD graphics driver. I found few methods to install the driver but did not succeed in any of them.

    Could you help me with this please?

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    flyinsparks (Monday, 12 June 2017 17:25)


    Firstly I installed elementaryOS loki via a usb stick written with Rufus 2.15 on a Dell Inspiron 9400 which allowed me to run a live version beautifully. I then looked on eOS forums and under off topic found your post, i then downloaded your latest version and put it on a usb stick with Rufus the only difference was Rufus complained about the syslinux version and downloaded a different version I tried it on the same laptop but with the previous mentioned problem. I decided to burn a copy to disc and did so at the lowest rate i could but the same problem happened.
    the only way i can descriobe it is that the screen (LCD) switched off and then back on with the mouse pointer visible and moveable and the switched off and then looped.
    I will try your suggestion of playing it in a virtual enviroment and see what happens.

    Thank you very much for responding.

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    bofh (Monday, 12 June 2017 16:22)


    Which kind of hardware did you use? I tested the system on a laptop and on virtualbox with normal settings for ubuntu. The first version once showed this behavior but not after the initial setup, only after i made changes which i can't remember yet. But you said you didn't even get it to run after the initial install?

    I suggest you try the system first with virtualbox, if it runs there.
    If so, than it's obviously a hardware issue. iBuntu is based on elementary OS and normally if a system runs fine with Ubuntu, it also should run fine with eOS and so also with iBuntu. the only way to get to the core of the problem is further testing.

    Kind regards


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    flyinsparks (Monday, 12 June 2017 16:08)

    Ive tried both your iso's and neither works sadly, they both get stuck in a kind of loop after the pulsing e symbol all i see is the screen go dark then the mouse pointer appears then dissappears continuously.
    Any ideas?

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