Right now just a short notice - we once again have problems with our webspace provider - it seems that he just deactivated the zlib extension in his php config and like this shutted down our whole webspace. Very nice, perfect work dudes, of course you do this on a Sunday! Feels so good I can tell you..

with a third hoster, bplaced  we are in contac right now they say there were "irregulations" during registration. obviously they also think we are selling drugs and hookers over here -.-


That's why until this is fixed we fall back to this old jimdo Site. No further news here this is just our "Warroom". You still can download iBuntu from here, the only way of delivery (because I am just simply not willing to invest again hours in setting up all this twice) will be Mega-Cloud. As it was in all the years before. It's a good way of delivery, who ever has a problem with it: Be patient, the main Homepage will hopefully be back soon. Until than this project is on hold, no further development on this old website will be done - also not on the distribution itself because after almost one month of problems I am simply just fed up right now. Use the Mega-Cloud Link if you want to get iBuntu 1.2 


The rest has to wait until our stupid hosting provider get his shit together and reactivate zlib again.

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