MacOS 11.0 Big Sur - How to cover it?

Since Apples WWDC2020 the new Version of macOS "Big Sur" was announced ( I thought about how to adapt this new Design with iBuntu. First of all it's clear that for this we will do a major Release update but will also continue to support the actual "Catalinux" line of our distribution as well. 


I first thought ok, we wait until b00merang create a gnome3-Theme for this and than we will launch this based on Ubuntu 20.04. 


But today I stumbled accross this article  


So I think I will have look at Ubuntu Deepin ( since Deepin almost already looks like the new Big Foss Style of macOS - which made me think that maybe this time Apple copied the design inspiration from Linux instead the other way round like most times 



Anyway, this is all just testing phase and playing around but I will continue to update on my experiances with Deepin and my final decision weather UbuntuDDE will be the base of "iBuntu 2.0 Lix Nur

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